I came searching for you…
You and I will begin our return, my grandchild;

Encircling me sunwise with a rainbow,
He turns me, sunwise, toward himself,
And shows his compassion for me.

This is your home, my grandchild,
I have returned with you to your home,
Your home is yours again.
Your sacred mountains are yours again.
Your creatures are yours again.
The beauty of nature is yours again to enjoy…

From the dwellings of the Holy Ones
Kind feelings will come to you as you go about in life.
Guided by these things, you shall find protection,
In all places as you live on, my grandchild…
All is beautiful behind me
All is beautiful before me
All is beautiful below me
All is beautiful above me
All is beautiful all around me.
For I have been found and everything is beautiful.


Change comes from within —we find a better way as we learn to live wisely.

Mitakuye Oyasin!


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